High School Senior Photography

With an Artist's Touch! 

My storytelling approach to High School Senior Photography insures that you will end up with something truly beautiful and unique!

Let’s get to know each other!

Each of my senior sessions begins with a pre-session consultation. We will discuss clothing style and pick the perfect location and backgrounds

I recall the time when I had my “senior portrait” taken. When I arrived at the studio, several of my classmates were lined up at the door. Each of us had about ten minutes in front of the camera. The photographer teased fake smiles out of me. We chose from about 20-30 proofs that all looked pretty much the same. This was truly “assembly line” photography!

Unlike my unmemorable experience, when you arrive for your session, we will be like “old friends”! We will be building rapport so that when it’s time for the shoot, we’re rockin’ and rollin’!     

You may choose to have your portraits created in a more controlled indoor environment or opt for the natural look of the outdoor--or both! There are many areas nearby that  Ihave photographed and can recommend, or if you have a particular favorite in mind, we’ll talk about that. 

With my relaxed, informal manner you will never feel like you’re being rushed.  

You deserve it! I limit my sessions so we can spend more time getting that special “look”. While other photographers are “watching the clock”,hurrying to get on to their next session,  I’m patiently observing, getting just the right camera angle, watching for anything that needs to be adjusted, such as stray hairs or wardrobe issues. We’ll take as much time as we need to create awesome images! 

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