Sunita and Vince's Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wedding

I love photographing weddings at eclectic venues. So when I found out that Sunita and Vince would be having their celebration at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, I was super excited!

The loft was a great space for Sunita and her bridesmaids to dress while I quietly captured images from the side. The light from the huge window provided plenty of soft light for Sunita and Vincent’s portraits

There were plenty of out of the way nooks where I captured a few more intimate moments and the main exhibit hall was large enough to accommodate larger family groups! Everyone had a chance to dance with the dinosaurs.

It was truly a joy to be a small part of Sunita and Vince’s wedding!

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History wouldn’t have been the first place I’d think of when searching for a wedding venue. But since I have now photographed an entire wedding day there, I can now tell you without hesitation to check them out, especially if you’re looking for something unique and has some awesome built-in entertainment!

If you are interested in finding a unique location for your wedding, please fill out the short contact form below and I will be happy to give you a few interesting ideas!