Mom’s portrait

We went to Ennis Court yesterday with Karen to photograph mom.

Ennis Court provided the perfect place for a portrait of mom. She was in good spirits, so everything went extremely well. While Karen put the finishing touches on mom’s hair, I wandered around the courtyard gardens looking for a good place to photograph. I finally discovered a little nook that had some nice floral thingys (I’m not a plant guy—can you tell?) and positioned a chair where the background would highlight mom’s attire.

I used a long lens and some supplementary lighting to fill in some of the late afternoon shadows and it worked perfectly; mom stood out with a glow that could only be described as “30 minutes until the piano singalong” while the background faded into a blur of color.

The breeze was a bit strong at times so we had to take care in capturing just the right moment! Karen had her laughing a lot and I just clicked away. I’m posting two of our “keepers”. Tell us whatcha think!