Huntington Beach Engagement Photography

Huntington Beach Engagement Photography0001.jpg

With the ever-changing skies of Cleveland, Huntington Beach engagement photography is always exciting, because you never know what you’re going to be working with. One of my favorite spots is Huntington Beach in Bay Village. Although the beach sits well below the parking lot, there’s easy access by stairs or ramp. 

Ashley and Matt were easy to work with and seemed to enjoy the ambiance of the beach. As I photographed, the evening sky darkened to a deep shade of blue, so I directed them to sit atop the rocky breakwall so I could get more of the sky in the background. They just kept talking and interacting with each other, so I happily clicked away.

Although the wedding isn’t until next April, the sparkle in their eyes told me this day was special too. Ever since we hit it off in our first meeting, our relationship has been getting better and better. I joked with them that by the time Ashley walks down the aisle we’ll be old friends!

Huntington is located on the shores of Lake Erie in Bay Village, Ohio.

The high elevation affords some spectacular views and many opportunities for dramatic portraits. A favorite of mine is the top of the stairway, near the lighthouse. 

I like to capture couples candidly, with minimal posing, and with the natural interactions of two people in love, engagement photography is one of the best genres for getting those fun, spontaneous moments. 

The lake surf typically calms as evening approaches, allowing me to photograph my clients playing in the gentle rippling water. Thanks to the various elevations of rock, sandy bluffs and beach, I photograph from all angles, which gives their photographs the bonus of a more unique perspective. Standing high atop the rocks, I was able to isolate them, without the distraction of people in the background. 

My favorite time is when the beach-goers depart for home, and the only sounds come from the gulls and rolling seas. That’s a truly magical time, the moment when the sun dips below the horizon, the moment that can only be experienced when you’re one of the few that stays behind as nature’s witness.