Rockefeller Greenhouse Wedding

It was a chilly and rainy Saturday, but the sweet smells from the fragrant earth permeated the grey clouds.

Beth was super excited about her wedding. From the moment she peered out from her room and I snapped my first image until her last dance with Ramon she was all smiles.

The couple chose the Rockefeller Greenhouse in Cleveland Ohio for their ceremony. Being an early spring wedding, they covered their bet by insuring that despite the weather, they would have an outdoor experience! Later that day, when the sun poked through, they happily enjoyed the best of both worlds!

Beth strode up the long aisle with perfumed scents emanating from the lush greenery. I rushed to the front to capture their first moments and noticed a soft glow around them. Then I realized that the high humidity of the room was fogging my lens!

After their first kiss as husband and wife, Ramon and Beth kept it up for the rest of the day, melting into each other’s arms at the slightest excuse, such as me yelling “KISS”!

The grey mist soon morphed into white puffy clouds that seemed to be there just to provide a nice backdrop for Beth and Ramon. They strolled around the tenderly cared for gardens, stopping to kiss by a tree and then the huge iron gate. I had no trouble evoking great expressions and soon I got so excited about the images we were creating that I shouted out several times, which seemed to amuse them immensely!

The sleek black limo whisked them off to the reception but not before stopping off at Edgewater park for some photo opps, where sunshine and blue skies settled in for the afternoon. But the wind was brisk and chilly, so our photography session was limited to a grassy field area. We still captured some great shots with Beth and Ramon silhouetted against the heavens.

Friends and family waited eagerly at the Georgetown Restaurant in Lakewood Ohio. The entertainment was provided by Ramon’s son, who played the guitar while Ramon sang. His good friend and best man had the dj duties.

The evening was wonderfully capped by a touching mime dance by Ramon’s son, timing his moves perfectly to the rhythm.