Juicing for health with local cleveland author Phiner Dike

Juicing for health

I’ve done publicity photos for tons of Cleveland actors, musicians and artists over the years and with the help of old fashioned word-of-mouth advertising, continue to grow my roster of this eclectic clientele.

Witness the recent visitation of my longtime friend and cookbook author, Phiner Dike, who greeted me at the door with a basket of colorful fruits 'n veggies which she quite literally flung into my kitchen and spun into the most tantalizing, frothing, pulpy-orange beverages.

We gulped them lustily whilst chatting up our many memories of working together in my old photography studio in Garfield Heights, Ohio. I even had a couple of leftover chairs from a bygone era.

Phiner would breeze into the room and at once, this electric energy would pop and sizzle all around. Make no mistake, this woman is a dynamo!

Well we’d trade stories, munch her latest creations (Phiner is an award-winning chef and author, with umpteen cookbooks to her credit) and laugh.

Phiner has this contagious cackle that tickles my funny bone. Even when I’m in a “blah” mood, she lifts my spirits to the sky! Sometimes we just look at each other and crack up!

I will be doing a publicity video for Phiner next week when she again graces my studio with her charming presence. She will be juicing and chatting about her recipes and why she does it (Phiner juices every day for breakfast).

Then we will do an interview on the health benefits of this remarkable new trend and why and how people should incorporate juicing into a daily health regimen. Make no mistake, this is not some fad that will disappear in a few months. No, the far reaching health benefits are catching on with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter helping to spread the good news.

Stay tuned!