Jewish Wedding at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven

I have photographed many weddings at this classy and elegant wedding venue, situated in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Wedding reception setup Landerhaven

Upon approaching the entrance, you are greeted by the parking valet who will expertly “tuck” your automobile in for the evening. Beautiful art adorns the walls as you stroll down the corridors leading to the reception rooms. Unlike other venues where you feel as though you are cooped up in a big box, their floor to ceiling windows stream in soft natural light that give your chosen décor that special glow.

I met up with Robin in the expansive dressing room at the top of the stairs where you are first embraced by the hospitality room. It features a cozy leather sofa, surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements. Decorative bowls filled with various fruits and cheeses to satisfy pre-ceremony hunger were conveniently placed nearby, insuring there are no “rumbling” tummies during the ceremony!

Her mom and maid of honor assisted in the details of dressing. Robin wore a dress flowing with almost magical soft purple hues. She wore a multi-colored pearl necklace with matching earrings.

A giddy anticipation came over everyone as Robin unwrapped her gift from her mom; a beautiful locket charm with photographs from her past encased in sparkling silver.

After the final touches were applied we proceeded outside to the garden area in the rear of the complex. The tall trees provided a cool canopy and softly shaded light for our wedding portrait photography. Her dress was accented by the warm glow of sunlight filtering through the greenery behind.

Robin and Robert Fried exchanged vows in the ceremony room, conveniently adjacent to their reception area. The Chuppah tent was erected moments before the ceremony with assistance by the Rabbi and ushers.

Later that evening, the guests were treated to a musical serenade by the ensemble, who roamed from table to table. Traditional dancing contributed greatly to the festive atmosphere of the event.

The best word to describe the mood was euphoric. Two people who found each other later in life, a doctor and a musician, who in their past never knew one another, but now walked hand in hand, friends, lovers, entwined by sacred vows and an unbreakable covenant…

A new life to share with a new friend.

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