Wedding Date Almost Here, But No Photographer Yet? Don't Panic! I Can Help...

Call me right away at 216-524-2524! 

Stressed out trying to find a photographer for your wedding at the last-minute? Working with a tighter budget? Are all the photographers you've looked at so far already booked? Worried that you might not find one in time?

Lots of brides and grooms have the same problem - either they're booking a wedding at short-notice, or they got caught out by the quick passage of time.

But this is no time to panic and end up choosing the wrong photographer for your wedding!

Before you do ANYTHING, call me at 216-524-2524 and I'll show you how you can:

  • Relax, have fun, and enjoy the best day of your life...
  • Having a smaller wedding? Working with a tight budget? I'm flexible; Let's find a way to work together? 
  • Hate formal poses? You will have tons of fun with my casual, informal style
  • Let's find out what's important to you! Never worry about "missed moments" because I'll aways "be there"! 
  • Struggling with last minute details? Need advice? I can help! With over 500 weddings to my credit, you will get the most up to date tips, tricks and strategies to having an awesome wedding experience! 

Let's Chat! Your Awesome Wedding Day Experience Is Only A Phone Call Away! 




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