In The Time It Takes To Read This Letter, Your
Baby Will Have Changed....

No, I don't mean your baby is "self changing its diaper"!!

Hi! My name is Bill Morley , Professional Child Photographer and Uncle to 20 children! 

Trust me, I know how quickly time goes when you're busy raising a family. Some days I catch myself wondering about  "when did she start to look like that" or "how old was he when he got those freckles?" And no age reflects such dramatic changes in appearance than the first years! That's why I am sending you this message.....

Why CD's and Hard Drives are NOT the place to store your Memories!

How many times do you hear people say "I have taken thousands of pictures of my kids!" But you look around their home - and either bare walls or paintings of old barns- but no children! The digital age is great but we have lost something along the way ­ the chance to proudly display our children's gorgeous faces in a way that everyone notices when they enter our home. Not hidden in a drawer or on a hard drive, or even "in the cloud"- but so glorious to make people stop in their tracks and say ''wow"! (Many of my clients tell me "you cause traffic jams in my house, Bill!")

mom and baby chillin'

"I'm busy Bill, why are you reaching out to me?" (you might be asking.) 

Look, I know how busy you are so let's get to the point.  For over 20+ years I have photographed over 1000 children of all ages. It's what we're famous for!  And now more than ever I want to make high quality, fun, gorgeous, exciting and meaningful portraits of babies at all stages of development available to the community in ways never offered before! More importantly, so that you can capture the relationships you have with your children before it's too late!

“We loved the way you captured our wedding with all those “in the moment” pictures. Brian and I just knew that we wanted you to capture our new family the same way.”
Sara and Brian Nelson

"Um, Bill, you realize I have a digital camera - and I-Phone ­
right? Why should I call you?  I take great pictures!"

Some of my best clients bring in pictures that they took to show me - wow, some of them are fantastic!  But they always tell me "well, thanks but I can't get my kids to do what YOU can, Bill- and your portraits look a lot different than my snapshots". See, it's NOT the camera- nor the megapixels - not the cool "apps and effects" - it's about seeing light, showing relationships, and creating artwork for your home of your family!

"I am not sure about this—what if I don’t like the photographs you take, Bill? 

"The images that you captured of our newborn son are just priceless! I have them displayed on our living room wall and enjoy looking at them every single day!"  Mike and Lexi Winnen

"The images that you captured of our newborn son are just priceless! I have them displayed on our living room wall and enjoy looking at them every single day!"

Mike and Lexi Winnen

See this is why we have been around so long! There is NO RISK to you! Call me, let's chat, and if I don't THRILL you with the images we create (as well as the fun experience!) - you won't pay me AND I'll give you $20 back for the gas it took to come see me!
I know you're not sure- BUT I AM! I am so sure you'll LOVE what we do that I am making a crazy offer - that will save you HUNDREDS of dollars in one year!

"I'm  waiting Bill -and the deal is???...

Clients regularly pay me hundreds of dollars to just do a single session for them - (the portraits are in addition to that fee) -and they thank me profusely! But you get to up to 7 (SEVEN) sessions at my private studio here in Independence  (individually valued at over $1000 for just the sessions)  PLUS a Portrait Panel with FOUR color poses that YOU select- all for only $99! Ninety nine dollars!  (at least for a little while longer, I hope!)

There is NO obligation, no pressure, to purchase anything else! I promise! (Do people purchase more? - yes, of course, and they receive the BEST prices we offer - but they do so because they LOVE the images, not from any sales pressure!)

"um, Bill…this is embarrassing, but…”

 I hear it a LOT - "Bill, uh, my baby is fussy...she cries, well, a lot. Is that OK?"  To which I reply- Of course it's OK! I am a "fussy baby specialist"! I love my job (if you can call it that!) even MORE when we capture amazing images of what the parents worry is a "cranky baby."  I have been doing this a LONG time. Worry not. I will make sure it goes well. Or you don 't pay me a dime. There is NO such thing as a "baby being bad" - that's silly! It’s years of experience with thousands of children of all ages that has taught me what to expect and do with every age and situation!

Frankly, I am AMAZED…

We get so many calls each month,  but I still puzzle over the folks who don't call and take me up on my offer - yeah, it even bothers me just a tiny bit -oh, we're plenty busy - but there must be some reason you might not call - do me a favor - let me know what it is and maybe I'll surprise you with my answer!